Friday, September 20

After 90 days, the United States continues to allow Huawei to buy US technology for another 3 months?

Reuters news agency on August 16 led two well-informed sources to say that a temporary license would be extended for Huawei for another 90 days.

This renewal order will officially take effect after the original license expires on August 19.

This allows Huawei to continue to buy technology from the US, maintain existing applications and provide software updates for its mobile devices running Android operating systems until November 19 this year. .

In May 2016, the US Department of Commerce has put Huawei and dozens of branches in countries around the world blacklisted, making it impossible to buy parts and components from US companies and companies. technology to update applications for customers.

One of the sources said that US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping expected to talk to discuss Huawei issue this weekend.

Reuters said that Huawei’s license has become an important US card in trade negotiations with China. However, according to sources, there has been no final decision on the extension of the license and the Ministry of Trade may change its mind before the 19-8 deadline.

Huawei has not yet commented on the license renewal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China also has no notice.

The Washington government has put Huawei on the blacklisted trade after accusing the Chinese telecommunications equipment company of espionage for Beijing.

Therefore, Huawei is prohibited from purchasing US parts and components to produce new products without a special license. Soon many American companies asked the government to issue a special license to do business with Huawei. US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said he had received about 50 applications and that the number could increase.

During the $ 70 billion purchase of parts in 2018, Huawei spent $ 11 billion on purchases from US companies such as Qualcomm, Intel and Micron.

According to Reuters, by the end of August 16 (US time), the Ministry of Commerce declined to comment on the information.

Earlier this week, speaking to CNBC, Mr. Ross said: “On August 19, I will update the situation for you” after being asked about the current license, which is only valid until early next week.