Friday, September 20

Amazon’s facial recognition software can now identify emotions on people’s faces, including fear.

Rekognition, one of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services, is used by developers to analyze faces. This service can identify many different expressions and emotions by taking advantage of advanced artificial intelligence.

On Monday, Amazon announced a number of improvements for this service, including the ability to more accurately identify human sex and emotions. Amazon said, “we have improved the accuracy of the emotional detection feature (for all 7 emotions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, averse, calm, and confused), and add a new emotion: fear “.

Amazon said its service “could identify objects, people, text, context, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content”.

Besides the ability to distinguish between emotions, Rekognition can estimate age ranges in many different age groups.

Developers can purchase Rekcognition from AWS. Previously, Amazon used to sell this service to Orlando police (California state). The police department here said they use the service in accordance with the law, and Amazon said its new technology should not be outlawed just because “some people can take advantage of it”.

Face recognition technology is currently quite controversial all over the world. American politicians, from both parties, including Alexandria Republican Congressman Ocasio-Cortez and Jim Jordan all agree that using face recognition will pose a threat to public freedom. people.

Some political and social groups have even called for a complete ban on the use of face recognition. In July, the digital rights group Fight for the Future called for a complete ban on facial recognition monitoring software, specifically banning its use in government agencies.

Face recognition software is not something new, and it is not uncommon for companies to take advantage of this technology. Facebook uses face recognition on tag features, Apple uses it to unlock smartphones (Face ID), and Microsoft also uses this technology.

Face recognition is an important technology, but the fact that AI can now recognize human emotions is clearly a breakthrough that makes everyone feel … scary. Amazon has yet to disclose whether it plans to improve the technology further.