Saturday, August 24

America announces the terrible power of B-2 Spirit

The USAF B-2 Spirit aircraft just performed a terrible power after the upgrade.

The video about the power of the B-2 Spirit was made on 3/8/2019. After the upgrade, each B-2 stealth aircraft was able to carry up to 80 the GBU-38 bomb for a single take-off.

Along with the terrible power, the line of stealth aircraft is equipped with an electronic system that can detect danger on the battlefield.

The decision to upgrade was made by the U.S. Air Force to extend the service time of B-2 to 2050 and help this long-range aircraft strengthen survivability and combat in modern warfare.

According to Mr. Mickelson, former managing director of the 394 U.S. Air Force, one of the most important upgrades for the B-2 is to strengthen defensive abilities and detect non-enemy terrain from a safe distance and take measures for the Or move to avoid danger.

B-2 aircraft were upgraded with the expectation of the Russian air defense system, including the S-300 and S-400. To do that, it is more likely that B-2 Spirit will be integrated with the system “The Cognitive electronic warfare” which allows this stealth aircraft to survive almost a living object to sniffing the room systems that are not very difficult to detect in the future And come up with solutions to destroy them while flying.

Although the detailed information about the electronic warfare System (EW) of the B-2 is unclear, but scientists, supervisory specialists and military officials who have knowledge of this program say that the technology will be the key to completing Improve the power of the B-2 and play a key role with its survivability before the enemy’s advanced air defense capacity.

In other words, the electronic warfare system is aware of the most important role in this world-leading aircraft. Lee Venturino, executive director of the First Principles company specializing in the analysis of stealth aircraft program for the Pentagon says:

“The B-2 will be integrating some of the elements of the cognitive warfare system, but we are still continuing to improve in the future. We are testing this technology in a step-up. The first step is about electronic support measures (ESM) to detect the signal waveforms that have not been present, “the director added.

Aviation Electronic Technology specialist Patrick Tucker also said that the electronic warfare system is aware that will “sniffing” the invisible energy waves that come from the motion of the electron, the electron spectrum propagated in space.

Conventional radar systems use a fixed waveform that makes it easy for the B-2 to detect, analyze, and render tactical countermeasures. With the upgraded version, dealing with non-strong air defense systems such as the S-300 or S-400 is not a difficult task for the B-2.