Saturday, August 24

Apple pays $1 million to “break-in” gets to the iPhone

Apple is awarding a worthwhile award to anyone who can attack (hack) onto the carrier’s iPhone phone. This is part of an extended rewards program for people finding errors on Apple products.

Apple’s Security Department director Ivan Krstic just shared this attention at an organisation conference in Las Vegas, USA, recently.

Earlier, the Apple program was only for people invited to join directly and the biggest reward was 200,000 USD. And this is also the first time the program was extended to all Apple platforms, including iOS, iCloud, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS.

Accordingly, Apple will dedicate up to US $1 million for hackers who can completely take control of iPhone without owner’s interaction.

Apple also said plans will donate the special iPhone before launching for outstanding security researchers. These iPhone templates will be easier to get attacked than regular iPhone models, so programmers will be able to find security bugs, and Apple will fix them before the official launch.

Reward programs for those seeking out product defects are becoming increasingly popular among the technology firms. IE hackers will be given a huge amount of money to inform companies the security bugs have not found out instead of the advantage to attack.

“Getting reports on dangerous bugs is really important with technology giants, especially those who are controlling tons of very sensitive personal data,” said Marten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne Bug Program , comment.

Apple said its reward program was actually very successful since its launch, with 50 fatal errors reported from the year 2016.