Saturday, August 24

Apple wearable device revenue exceeds MAC, iPad at the end of the year 2020

According to the new report, Apple wearable business segments (primarily AirPods and Apple Watch) will surpass Mac and iPad revenues at the end of 2020.
While Apple does not publicly make its sales figures about the wearables catalogue, Above Avlon has made estimates based on the company’s financial model as well as overall sales data.

Also according to the report from Neil Cybart, Apple has had sales exceeding 70 million units per year on wearables and this portfolio is growing at an annual rate from 55% to 60%. In terms of total sales of Apple devices, every 5 products sold apples will have 1 wearable device.

The growth of AirPods in particular is estimated to be up to 80%. Apple also benefited from the price increase of both Apple Watch and AirPods.

Furthermore, looking at the turnover change between the quarter 3/2018 and 2019, the analyst estimates that the wearable equipment turnover is behind the service sector with 1.2 billion.

Looking to the future, the Apple Prediction report will continue to strengthen its dominance in the field of wearables thanks to the huge user base as well as the popularity of the equipment sold on the market.