Sunday, December 15

Waiting for a miracle in history.

On fifteen October, Mozambicans electoral a brand new president, members of the National Assembly, provincial governors, and members of provincial assemblies.

Incumbent President Filipe Nyusi, of the Frelimo party, was reelected with seventy three % of the vote, against 21.88 % for Ossufo Momade from the most opposition party Renamo. Frelimo conjointly electoral 184 out of 250 seats of the unicameral legislative and every one ten provincial governors.

All the provinces gave associate overall ending to Frelimo, together with Zambezia and Nampula wherever it had lost in different elections.

Mozambique’s Constitutional Council hasn’t nonetheless created the results official.
Deutsche Welle reportable that Renamo’s president conjointly known as on “all Mozambicans to not settle for the massive electoral fraud [and] demand the immediate and unconditional unharness of all Renamo members, randomly detained throughout the electoral method.”

Frelimo has dominated Mocambique since the tip of the war and also the institution of multiparty democracy in 1992. Since then, Renamo has ne’er accepted election results. In 2014 and 2015, tensions diode to a brand new armed conflict. 3 new peace or ceasefire agreements are signed since 1992.

In 2018, Renamo’s historic leader kicked the bucket, and Ossufo Momade’s current leadership isn’t accepted by a faction.

The 2019 elections passed off amid armed conflict between Muslim insurgents and also the military within the northern province of Cabo Delgado, that has left two hundred dead since 2017. The climate of insecurity prevented around five,000 folks from casting their votes.

Also observant were the African Union (AU), the Community of Southern African Countries (SADC), the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), and also the Institute for property Democracy in Africa (EISA).

The observation missions all reportable that the elections were peaceful, apart from violent incidents in Cabo Delgado that prevented folks from ballot.