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Pain within the upper right side of your abdomen related to eating fatty foods.

YOUR GALLBLADDER could seem sort of a mysterious a part of your body. What does it do, anyway? Until you’ve got gallbladder pain, you’ll not even consider it much.


The gallbladder is formed sort of a pear. It’s located within the upper right corner of your abdomen, under your liver.

You can consider your gallbladder sort of a storage unit. once you eat fatty foods, your liver makes bile, which may be a substance that helps the body break down fat. Bile is stored within the gallbladder then released into the tiny intestine through our bile ducts (tubes that carry bile).

“Bile enables us to interrupt down and absorb the fat in our diets. Without bile, we might have oily, fat-containing stool,” says Dr. Jesse P. Houghton, senior medical director of gastroenterology at Southern Ohio center Gastroenterology Associates in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Although the gallbladder features a purpose in our bodies (to store bile), we can also live without it if it must be removed.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems

With a gallbladder-related ill health , you’ll experience symptoms that include:

Pain within the upper right side of your abdomen related to eating fatty foods. this might mean any quite fatty food, not only meat, butter or other well-known sorts of fatty foods. “These symptoms classically occur a few half hour after a fatty meal, last one to 3 hours then gradually improve,” Houghton says. Another name for this symptom is biliary colic.
Pain that radiates toward the rear , shoulder blades or chest. “It’s not uncommon for people having pain to present (to the ER) and think it is a cardiac problem, but it’s actually a gallbladder problem,” Eiferman says.
Pain within the center of the abdomen.
Fever and chills.
Nausea after eating.
Vomiting that happens after eating.
Yellowing of the skin or the eyes.
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The frequency and intensity of your symptoms can assist you decide when to ascertain a doctor. If you’ve got constant or worsening pain in your right upper abdomen along side nausea, fever or vomiting, seek urgent care or attend the ER. Health professionals can do testing to work out if you’ve got gallbladder inflammation or another ill health .

If you’ve got occasional pain in your upper right quadrant after eating fatty foods then it goes away, see your doctor for a non-urgent appointment. “Most patients I see have had the pain off and on for weeks, a month or two months, and that they finally are available the office,” says Dr. Matt Bechtold, a gastroenterologist and professor of clinical medicine with University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia, Missouri.

The symptoms above also can indicate other health problems, so it is vital to urge them verified to work out the cause.