Saturday, August 24

Bug detection on Android, hackers can attack almost any smartphone through Wi-Fi

Security researchers have just discovered an error on Android, making it possible for hackers to attack almost any smartphone through Wi-Fi.

According to the rescuer, Snapdragon chip devices will have two security vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to access the machine just by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. This error has the generic name “QualPwn”, two vulnerabilities that can be exploited via the “over the air” method, meaning that just hackers near the victim, no matter what else the room goes, just shared the Wi-Fi network as attacked. Once connected, hackers can send malicious data to the victim’s machine and can remotely control the device.
This vulnerability was discovered by Tencent Blade, the security research group belonging to the famous Tencent group of China and announced at the Black Hat Cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas.
Tencent Blade says that virtually every device using a Snapdragon 835 or 845 chip is at risk of being attacked. Tencent Blade used the Google Pixel 2 for testing when it announced the error.
Responding to this issue, Qualcomm said they had rolled out the patch to the two aforementioned vulnerabilities and notified the partners to their software update patches. Qualcomm also revealed that nearly every Snapdragon chip product was affected.
Google has also rolled out QualPwn patches in Android security update March 8/2019. You should update the machine as soon as possible.