Friday, September 20

Don’t want to rely on Google, Huawei is coming with a separate map service

Huawei confirms that it is developing its mapping service to reduce Google dependence after U.S. bans.

This China-leading technology company is currently banned from using American technologies, including Google Maps without the special approval from President Trump’s administration.

This makes Huawei smartphones marketed to the world market unable to use the Google Maps service. The airline is developing its own mapping service called Map Kit.

The Huawei Map Kit is not intended for direct-use users that only act as APIS that third-party developers can use to create navigation software.

Map Kit can collect information from 150 countries and regions around the globe. Although Huawei is new to this field, telecom stations in 160 Huawei’s country will help to set up the network quickly and easily.

CEO Huawei Richard Yu said, Map Kit can support a number of advanced features such as car lane transfers, augmented reality directions, real-time traffic information maps.

Map Kit will support 40 languages. The Internet service provider and mapping of Russian Yandex and Booking Holding companies based in the United States are the first partners interested in Huawei’s mapping services.