Saturday, August 24

Facebook admits to hiring people to copy conversations on Messenger

According to Facebook, impacted users have ‘ agreed ‘ to select an option in the Messenger app to allow the replication of their voices.

According to Bloomberg lead the news source says Facebook has paid for external contractors to copy audio clips from users to their services.

Also according to Bloomberg, Facebook job confirmation on song said this activity has ceased.

According to Facebook, the affected users have “agree to” select the option in the Messenger app to allow copying their voices.

Bidders are hired by Facebook to copy audio from users for the purpose of testing and improving the artificial intelligence technology of social networks, which accurately interpret messages.

Bloomberg News The contractors on Facebook’s project are sometimes confused when listening to their own conversations, which have sensitive content.

Partners are not aware of the origin of these conversations as well as the purpose of the work they are doing.

Facebook has faced widespread criticism from the legislature and managers about its privacy practices.

Last week, a federal Court of Appeals dismissed Facebook’s efforts, to reverse a lawsuit that accused this social network from collecting and storing any biometric data of millions of users without consent.

Facebook also agrees to pay a record penalty of US $5 billion in the previous month to address a data confidentiality investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Early this month, Apple and Google suspended the review of recordings from users interacting with the voice assistant, as concerned about data privacy./.