Saturday, August 24

Facebook is the last of the User Trust survey

After all of the recent ones related to privacy and security of users, Facebook’s location seems to not leave many people unexpectedly.

Smart devices, such as thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity and virtual assistants, are trending up sharply. According to PCMag, in the USA, the average household has up to 5 connected devices and this number can increase to 180% within the next 6 years.

Many large companies are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), using endless and unlimited data sources to improve their products, teach artificial intelligence, and speed up transactions. But, many IoT companies have not yet applied enough measures to ensure the safety of their products.

PCMag has asked 2,000 people about their perspectives with IoT and IoT companies they know about. Near a private person who is asked to trust Google, followed by Amazon at a rate of 21%, both Samsung and Microsoft achieved 16% results while this LG figure is 10%.

Facebook is the most trusted IoT company when statistics show a stop at 6%. In fact, in the past few years, Facebook’s images are going to be very fast in the eyes of users. This new social network has also suffered a penalty of up to $5 billion from the U.S. Trade Commission after a lot of action that the airline has not applied adequate measures to protect its users. It is most evident when 87 million user data has been abused by a company called Cambridge Analytica.

Last year a Toluna survey also found that Facebook is the least trusted technology company.

PCMag reviews at the moment IoT devices are a “mess.” When fish devices are dangerous and are connected to a larger network, the level of danger will increase further.