Saturday, August 24

Huawei officially announces its own operating system

“The Giant ” China technology Huawei 9/8 on the village program named HarmonyOS is built by the original. This is the operating system to some point can be used by Huawei instead of Google Android to reduce the dependence on American technology.

According to the news from Bloomberg, the open source system HarmonyOS was originally not used for smartphones (smartphones), but instead will be deployed to the car, smart watches and personal computer during the period from now to 2020. Next, the new operating system will be included in Earbud headphones and virtual reality glasses – Executive director Richard Yu of the consumer equipment piece belonging to Huawei.

“We support Google’s Android ecosystem, so we prioritize Android for smartphones. If we can’t use Android anymore, we can switch to HarmonyOS quickly, “Mr. Yu said during the press conference in Dongguan. ― “We have a great opportunity to become the world’s largest smartphone company in sales, if there is no commercial war.”

Once named Hongmeng, the HarmonyOS operating system is an important part of Huawei’s attempt to develop alternative technologies in response to the punishment of President Donald Trump’s government for the airline.

As China’s largest technology company and representing the rising technological power of the world’s second largest economy, Huawei has become the “cards” bargain on the US-central commercial negotiating table. America accused Huawei of stealing American technology and sets the risk for U.S. national security – the allegations that Huawei always negated.

The US’s prohibition of these water companies selling components and technology to Huawei is putting out major obstacles to the company’s goal of surpassing Samsung to become the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones.

“HarmonyOS is stronger and safer than Android “, says Yu speech. “Can HarmonyOS be installed on smartphones? Of course there is. “

HarmonyOS’s effectiveness is something that Huawei will have to prove. At the press conference, Mr Yu went into the terminal specifications of the operating system, but did not describe the features facing the user. This indicates that the new operating system may not be ready to be put on wide-area use.

To HarmonyOS can work, Huawei will need software developers to build applications for the ecosystem of this operating system, and this is still a big question mark around HarmonyOS.

More than two months have passed since the Trump administration had sanctions on Huawei, which began to feel distinctly influential. Huawei warns the business situation will be tougher in the second half of the 2019, while preparing the airline’s smartphone sales scenario in a foreign market to drop 60 million units of products.

Mr. Yu said the American sanctions made Huawei’s smartphone sales in the second quarter reducing more than 10 million units.

To overcome the difficulties, Huawei has 10,000 engineers working 3 shifts per day to develop the technology and spare parts of America. In addition, Huawei also focuses on speeding up sales in the Chinese market.

According to data from the IDC market research company, Huawei accounts for 37% of the Chinese smartphone market in the second quarter, standing at No. 1 position. Sales at “Home ” increased sharply help Huawei to consume 118 million smartphones in the first half of 2019, up 24% over the same period last year.