Saturday, August 24

Huawei’s new operating system with “full process ” causes users to abandon Android Google

Huawei is expected to reveal more details about his Hongmeng operating system in the upcoming conference. But are users around the world ready to give up Android, to accept an unverified alternative operating system of China? If Huawei does it, should Google worry?

According to the Chinese newspaper last week, a Huawei phone equipped with Hongmeng operating system, also known as HarmonyOS, can be opened for sale before the end of this year. The handset is aimed at the low and medium segment of the smartphone market, with a price of about 2,000 yuan (about 290 USD).

Huawei – currently is the world’s second largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, behind South Korea’s “big grandfather”. Huawei still uses Google’s Android operating system until political tensions between Washington and Beijing are threatened.

Prior to the exciting trade war, the American paralyzed Huawei on a 5-month trade black list, banning American companies selling components and equipment for “Chinese smartphone giants”. But 1 month later, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that Huawei will be allowed to purchase devices that do not affect national security from American businesses.

The choice between Android – where there are 2.5 billion monthly active users and a completely new operating system, is there any possibility for Huawei?

Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei emphasizes that Hongmeng will be running Android apps, which can even improve performance. According to reports from the Global Times, other Chinese manufacturers such as VIVO and OPPO have tested and said this operating system is 60% faster than Android.

If Huawei’s adventure is successful, Google can take up to 800 million users, and CEO Ren Zhengfei said in the previous month. Conversely, if it fails, Huawei can lag behind Samsung, Apple, with which the carrier loses the consent of other Chinese manufacturers who are also dominated on the global smartphone rankings. Huawei’s success may be based on pushing out a product that works well and persuasive other Chinese manufacturers to accept it.

While the availability of the app may cause users to be most concerned, the selection between Hongmeng and Android will lead to two key points: protection-anti-virus and battery life. Google Play performs a safety check on any downloaded app on an Android device. Google warns that without this test step, Huawei phones that use Hongmeng operating system or Android version are not supported securely in temporary time, will be at risk of unauthorized access, especially it is invented by China.

Besides, battery life issues cause Android devices to work slowly. Although it comes with some battery-saving features, but the most recent experiment, Hongmeng has exhausted the battery, even faster than before.

As of June 6, Huawei Catherine Chen’s senior vice President stated that Huawei continues to cooperate with Google if possible. This statement conflicts with Huawei’s actions preparing for execution.

The specific answer is still lackluster only after the information is revealed more at Huawei’s upcoming conferences, so the threat to Google’s dominance, is still just speculation.