Friday, September 20

I forgot 5G, Huawei has begun researching the network 6G: Promise speed “Destruction “

It is expected that the network 6G will be commerciized before the year 2030 and provides users with great utility.

When most new carriers are in the early stages of the 5G network deployment, the recently Huawei has begun to study the 6th generation of mobile communication networks at their research center in Ottawa.

According to recent reports, Huawei has partnered with more than 13 universities and studied technology and practical application of the network 6G. And according to the feasibility study reports given by Huawei, the 6G network will be expected to commerciize before 2030.

Quen 5g di, Huawei da bat dau nghien take 6g: Hua hen toc do “Huy diet ” English [1]

Early this year, the information revealed that Samsung is also working on the development of similar technology 6G at its research center in Seul. Hence, it is no stranger when Huawei is trying to reach the top position in implementing next-generation cellular connection technology.

In January 6/2019, Nokia, Ericsson and SK Telecom also announced the establishment of strategic partnerships to develop 6G technology together.

Obviously, it is still too early to have accurate information about the network 6G, however, the research is still very important and as a user, we promise to enjoy more benefits in the future thanks to the development of technology Cellular connection.