Friday, September 20

iPhone 11 Pro will be equipped with the world’s most beautiful screen panels similar to Galaxy Note 10+

A report said the iPhone 11 Pro variant will use M9 material for OLED displays. This material seems to be used on Galaxy S10 and Note 10 because both panels also have code M9.
Immediately after its launch, the screen of the Galaxy Note 10+ has been rated as the most beautiful today in terms of brightness, contrast, excellent color reproduction ability. Apple is Samsung’s largest customer again, so much money is no reason why Korean manufacturers do not provide the best quality products for upcoming iPhones.

Apple plans to launch a new iPhone series on September 10. The rumored iPhone will be named iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, two successor versions of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. These are also two versions using OLED screens. The remaining version of the iPhone XR might be named iPhone 11 and still use the LCD screen.

Using the same screen materials with the Galaxy Note 10 may result in higher iPhone screen separate costs due to many factors such as difficulty in production, low productivity, high production costs and more importantly. Now that only Samsung has the capacity to supply large-scale OLED screens for Apple, it is hard to buy at a good price.