Saturday, August 24

Is the Huawei device using Harmony OS superior to Android?

Huawei’s devices are coming out using the unique Harmony OS operating system that can replace the dominance of Android or iOS.

RT recently had articles about Huawei events preparing to launch intelligent electronic devices using the operating system Harmony OS.

Harmony OS is built on a microkernel architecture. This operating system will work on nearly all smart devices, including smartphones, TVS, tablets, smartwatch, smart cars, and more.

Mr. Richard Yu-director of mobile parts of Huawei said, the Android operating system has over 100 million lines of code, and the kernel has more than 20 lines. However, in reality, users typically use only 8% of the code. After all, this excessive amount of code causes unnecessary delays.

As a result, Harmony OS will use “microkernel “, which enables the operating system to operate on a wide variety of hardware and share it through a distributed architecture to improve efficiency. While phones and vehicles have different structure and usage, they can use the same kernel, just deploying different interfaces or functions, making it faster to grow and create better ecosystems.

Huawei says that Harmony OS ensures a smooth user interaction experience through identifying factors that are slow to achieve an accurate level of use and a 25.7% reduction in response latency. Harmony OS can operate on devices with varying RAM levels ranging from a few kilobytes to hundreds of gigabytes.

Harmony OS has advanced security features, significantly improving the level of security at the kernel level and enhancing the overall security capabilities of the entire terminal. To avoid any security concerns in the future, Huawei confirms that Harmony OS will not allow root access at the terminals. The company said that this is a security risk on Android and other Linux-based operating systems.

Apps for HTML5, Linux, and Android will be able to run on Harmony OS in the future.

The director of Huawei is determined, the operating system Harmony OS will be a revolution for Huawei’s ecosystem.

The new operating system of Huawei Tam has not been used for mobile phones. Photo: Techrum

Huawei said the first product to use Harmony OS will be launched during the 10/8 Day event of Honor.

Regarding the use of Harmony OS on smartphones, Mr. Yu said that Huawei can do it right away, but is now still loyal to Android because users are already familiar with the operating system. However, if the future is not used by Android, Huawei will immediately switch to Harmony OS.

RT said that it’s important that the new operating system is chosen by many.

The choice between Android-operating system is 2.5 billion monthly active users and the operating system Huawei’s Harmony OS will run Android apps and can even improve the performance of those applications , will be a big question Huawei needs to consider.

However, according to information from the global newspaper, Chinese manufacturers such as OPPO and VIVO-clog websites such as GearBest and Aliexpress using a Harmony OS testing device and demonstrate data that shows them more than 60% faster than the Android operating.

This will stimulate customers who love technology, love new experiences and are not difficult to win the tastes of consumers.

If Huawei’s gamble is overwhelming into Harmony OS and “away from Android”, Google can lose 800 million existing users.

But if Huawei’s operating system is failing, they can lag behind Samsung, Apple.

Whatever the availability of the app is, the biggest concern is: antivirus protection and battery life.

Google Play Protect performs safety checks on any downloaded app on an Android device.

Without this protection, Google may warn that Huawei phones using the operating system Harmony OS or Android version not supported during temporary updates will be at risk for hacking, especially by China.

Meanwhile, Harmony OS offers the ability to overcome the Android operating system weakness that is battery life.

Originally developed for the purpose of industrial use and IoT, Hongmeng contains fewer lines of code than any other phone operating system and the ability to impact battery life will inevitably outperform Android.

Is Huawei fully capable of domination?

In addition to developing their own Harmony OS, Huawei is also developing devices that use the Russian operating system.

This partnership is made by Huawei to be aimed at Russian clients who are originally interested in using their own operating system.

Its own operating system of Russia has been used by all government officials, who do public service. This is one of the regulations by the Russian government in order to replace and reduce dependent on the offshore operating system, especially the great American technology he like Google, Apple, Microsoft.

Since the start of building a separate mobile platform from Sailfish, the Moscow government wishes to reduce this 95% figure to under 50% within 10 years.

The appearance of Huawei’s smart devices can be as diverse as the Russian smartphone market in the future, improving sales from other markets if Google officially terminates its partnership with Huawei.