Saturday, August 24

It’s convenient to migrate from Android to Harmony OS, take only one or two days

The new platform, formerly known as Hongmeng OS, is based on the same microhuman as the Google Fuchsia OS. CEO Richard Yu said this allows the company to deploy flexibly across a wide range of categories including smart speakers, cars, computers, smartwatch, tablets and, of course, smartphones.

Besides, Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong, believes that moving from the

Specifically, according to the announcement from Huawei, Harmony OS is a compact, lightweight, functional operating system that will firstly be used for smart devices such as smart watches, smart Monitors , systems integrated on cars, and smart speakers. Through this implementation, Huawei aims to set up a built-in ecosystem and share across devices, create safe, reliable uptime environments and deliver a holistic, intelligent experience across all interactions , with any device.

Mr Yu also reiterated the company’s commitment to the Google Android platform, and they want to continue using this operating system internationally. However, if at any point they “cannot use Android in the future,” Huawei will not hesitate to immediately switch to Harmony OS. Yu Chengdong believes that moving from Android to Harmony OS is convenient, it takes just a day or two.

In addition, Yu Chengdong also revealed that the research and development of the Harmony system now has more than 4.000 people. Accordingly, this system will come next year but the American actions have made the company more effort. At the present time, Harmony OS has been tested on smartphones at the commercial level.