Saturday, August 24

Launch Center Pro Get an update that adds a new tool

Launch Center Pro is developed with the main function of creating a quick menu, which helps users to do some quick actions such as opening a previous setup application, calling, texting, creating notes, schedules, mapping maps, searching Google, etc. However, in the last update the developer has added a new tool, which allows us to create or customize application icons with a lot of different ‘ materials ‘.

Includes custom icon shapes, icon styles, multiple color options, thousands ‘ new glyphs ‘ that help to create uniqueness or related main functions of shortcuts, customize size and style for glyphs, customize icon badges (need to unlock)

It is especially possible to save the Camera Roll to assign as an icon on the home screen when setting up quick keyboard shortcuts through Apple’s Shortcuts app, which offers quite a lot of icon options for you to customize the home screen to become more unique With shortcuts.
Currently Launch Center Pro is free to download from the APP Store and is compatible with both iOS 13, however it will be limited to some ‘ materials ‘ when creating custom icons for app shortcuts or Shortcuts.