Saturday, August 24

Launching technology to help the home understand the home

HOMA Techs Company has launched a groundbreaking technology called IoT Hub that connects multi-protocol, offering a new experience of ‘ understanding ‘ for indoor and building applications.

Prof. Minh Do, University of Illinois (USA), chief scientist of Homa Techs, said in a smart home with many devices. Each device is re-manufactured by a different manufacturer, running different control software, on different platforms. Therefore, ultimately the owner must implement the technological passages and how each device works. It’s just a smart home in the first level, it’s the level of human understanding and controlling equipment.

Recently, a number of smart home service providers provide contextual control, i.e. can install smart devices in active homes at the same time in certain contexts when someone is home or automatically Notice when detecting strangers intruders. It is the second stage “semi-auto “.

But the desire of that man is that the house must be like a living entity, to understand the needs of the owner. It is imperative to have a solution that connects all the devices in the home and makes them understand each other, with stable operation on an environment. When it needs a “brain ” to work with all devices, control them unimthe. At this, artificial intelligence needs to be integrated into the “brain ” to create intelligent bridges, helping devices communicate with each other and controlling them. And finally, it is necessary to have a console that is friendly and easy to use. When completing this period, the smart home reaches the highest level of “human-understanding Device” to automatically make decisions that meet the needs of the owner or to handle problems arising when the owner is absent.

After years of research, HOMA Techs has been successful with IoT Hub product line with simultaneous operational capabilities such as the latest generation WiFi router (wifi 6); Smart Central Controller Multi-protocol connect capable of working with IoT devices possessing standard connectivity such as WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooh, high-speed Ethernet… To ensure signal transmission, provide an Internet connection from any outlet in the house, making it easy to install and use.

IoT Hub is also a multi-Protocol Smart Hub controller, capable of working smoothly with IoT devices that possess common connectivity standards on the market such as WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, BLE,… All devices after connecting to loT Hub will act in sync on the same software system and Homa Techs mobile application. In addition, the device runs Homa’s streamlined artificial intelligence algorithm, used in analyzing images, speech recognition, signal processing and other applications.