Friday, September 20

Nordost introduces QPoint and QSource power handling products

14/8 pm, Hifi World Corporation has organized the workshop “The QPoint Power treatment product experience & QSource and Nordost Specialist”, with the guidance of Mr. Bjorn Bengtsson – Director of the Asia-Pacific region of the Nordost brand.

At the workshop, attendees were in real experience, comparing and judging the true performance of a Hi-End sound system before and after a thorough power treatment, with a QPoint device – vibration synchronization device , and QSource – additional DC power supply

Set up by Hifi World’s technicians under the advice and expertise of Mr. Bjorn Bengtsson, the workshop’s reference system includes the Dynaudio column loudspeaker Confidence 50 – the table-top speaker is newly introduced to the market by a long time ago. Amplifier pre-amplifier Pre-G3, Power-amplifier Monoblock Audionet AMP, EPX source, CD top Burmester 151 and coal wheel Transrotor.

The entire wiring system and accessories are used in the Nordost Tyr 2 line, the QKore6 relay processing, the QX electric filter and especially the presence of the QRT and QSource product duo of Nordost power handling Group Introduction at Munich High End Show on 5/2019 last month.

Nordost is the leading manufacturer of HiFi cables and audio accessories in consumer electronics industry. Founded in 1991, Nordost is one of the world’s leading high-end cable manufacturing and design companies with “Flatline” speaker cables that use wire-led solutions developed from unique technologies tailored to the industry Aerospace.

Since its establishment, NORDOST has continuously enhanced the reference quality of wire and electric processing equipment of the Hi-End audio equipment industry, continuously researching and developing new audio technologies and putting the test objectives New challenges.

Over the past two decades, Nordost has developed and diversified its product line from conductors to QRT power handling accessories and resonance control equipment. With the philosophy of “bringing back the sound of nature, not transform the sound system”, Nordost has implemented a number of breakthrough processes and developed proprietary technologies to ensure that the company maintains the quality that the airline has built. By introducing enhancements such as Dual/Micro-Mono Filament, TSC (Total Signal Control) and Holo: The new Plug Connector, Nordost has become the pioneer of the audio cable industry, overcome its competitors and build the top spot for itself.

For Hi-End players, minimizing noise reduction is one of the top objectives to get the most out of the sound system potential. In it, one of the main causes is the endogenous interference of the devices as they work. Basically, when the components inside the audio device are operational, they will cause interference in the form of electromechanical vibration

These vibrations occur at different frequencies, resonating or suppresses each other thereby causing adverse impacts on the sound quality of the system. The use of QPoint is to give a form of electromagnetic fields to synchronize electromechanical vibrations at a common frequency, minimizing to the maximum of electrical interference when the device is functioning.

The usage is quite simple, just power up with the supplied cable kit and set the QPoint above or below the audio devices such as CD, Music Server or amplifier. The black face of QPoint should be directed towards the device.