Friday, September 20

Samsung Galaxy Buds “crush” Apple AirPods in Consumer Report’s ratings

According to Business Korea citing Consumer Report, Galaxy Buds has surpassed the Apple AirPods, topping the list of wireless headsets with a total score of 86.

Meanwhile, Apple’s wireless headset ranks only 49th with a score of only 56.

According to Sammobiles, clear scores are determined by the design and sound quality of wireless headsets. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy Buds has achieved excellent ratings in the sound quality category. It is known that this is the first Bluetooth-enabled earbuds headset to be rated excellent, and that means this product not only defeated AirPods but also many other competitors.

Reportedly, both the Galaxy Buds 2019 and the Apple AirPods (2nd generation) were introduced in March. However, Samsung’s wireless headsets were sold at a lower price than its rivals. Galaxy Buds launches for $ 149, while Apple AirPods launches for $ 159 or $ 199 for the version with a wireless charger. Meanwhile, Galaxy Buds comes with wireless charging box as standard. This creates a $ 50 price gap between the two products.

Galaxy Buds continue to get better through Samsung’s firmware updates for several months, with improved touch controls and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the quality of transmission and calling is also more stable.