Saturday, August 24

South Korea is developing 6G, the urge of President Trump not to admit

While the US was still loay with 5G network, other countries began sketching plans to develop 6G with a speed of 1Tbps.

Before that, in February, the state on the Twitter social network of the President Donald Trump has led to the intense cyber-throwing community: “I want 5G technology, and even 6G is present in the US as soon as possible… “. Meanwhile, reality in this country has not fully deployed 5G infrastructure, not to mention 6G.

However, recently, the Korean media side has been very noisy with the Ministry of Science and IT information, Division of Innovation signed up for a preliminary feasibility study of the 6th generation Mobile Telecommunications Standard (6G), which opens up a great era for research.

A Korean official said that, at the beginning of the next year, the country will have a roadmap for giving the network 6G. “If no problem is occurring, 5 weeks of technical review and 6 working months will be carried out on schedule “.

Over one million 5G smartphones are sold in Korea and all three major carriers have built 5G networks in this developed country. The ultimate goal of the 6G network is reaching 1Tbps speed, higher than 10Gbps target with 5G. Coming, the Internet of Things will dominate and every product will require faster connection.

A standard 6G will be outlined in South Korea in 2021, while commercial deployments are planned in 2028. Needless to say, the feasibility studies 6G so not only was a privilege of South Korea, since the U.S. has begun planning for the establishment of the sixth generation standard in 2017, while Europe and China have also deployed the year Last year.

However, the fact that Korea was the first country to deploy 5G nationwide. Surely, the country will move further when 6G appears and smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung or LG can start the new “fight”.