Friday, September 20

The first country to commercialize the 5G network now has more than 2 million users, which will double by the end of this year

Korea is one of the first countries in the world to start offering 5G network services. Thanks to the strong demand for the latest gadgets and aggressive marketing strategies, the number of 5G subscribers is growing strongly in this country.
In June this year, it was reported that Korea had more than one million 5G mobile subscribers. Now, surpassing expectations, South Korea has reached more than 2 million 5G subscribers last week.

Reports show that Korea currently has about 2.01 million 5G users in all three major operators. Among them, SK Telecom has 840,000 5G subscribers, accounting for more than 40% market share. KT and LG Uplus have 630,000 and 540,000 5G subscribers respectively.

Although Korea currently has more than 2 million 5G subscribers, it is still less than 5% of the number of domestic mobile subscribers. However, with the improvement of 5G network infrastructure, and the proliferation of 5G smartphones, it is expected that 5G subscribers will continue to increase strongly.

According to estimates, South Korea may have 4-5 million users by the end of the year. 5G technology is geared towards providing super fast connection speeds, low latency and the ability to connect more devices without slowing down. However, there are still some issues about the scope and speed of this next generation wireless network system.

The minimum cost or the starting price of 5G subscribers in Korea is 48 USD / month for three operators: SK Telecom, KT and LG U +. To remind you, Korea is the first country in the world to deploy 5G network services, officially on April 5, before China.