Friday, September 20

Thousands of people have to wait at the US airport due to a computer error

Thousands of tourists at US airports on August 16 must wait for a computer crash by the Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP).

In a statement on the afternoon of August 16, CBP said the system was interrupted for hours and was overcome, with no serious effects. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also announced that the incident did not cause any changes to flight schedules.

CBP also said that while the system was faulty, these bureaucrats forced the procedure for international tourists with alternative measures, making waiting times longer than usual. Many passengers at US airports posted videos on social networks that showed long lines of people queuing at immigration counters, some of them informed about the incident.

On average, CBP handles about 358,000 aviation procedures for passengers and crew on average. This is not the first time the CBP computer system has problems. On January 2, 2017, a series of computers of CBP stopped working for 4 hours, causing many tourists to wait.

According to the report of the US Domestic Security Inspection Office issued in November 2017, CBP’s software capacity is still inadequate, so it is possible to recurrence errors. The report also warns CBP for disaster recovery to minimize the impact of these system errors on the public.