Friday, September 20

Update Windows 10 immediately, Microsoft has just announced a series of serious security holes

Microsoft discovered four serious security holes in Windows 10.

Microsoft has warned all Windows 10 users to update their operating system immediately, to avoid the risk of being attacked by newly discovered serious security vulnerabilities. According to reports there are two serious security holes, but in fact there are 4.

Microsoft’s incident response manager, Simon Pope, said the vulnerabilities could cause hackers to hack into remote systems. An attacker has full access, can install software, view documents, change or delete data and even create a new account with full control.

Microsoft recommends that all Windows 10 users update their operating systems to prevent hackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities, and to spread malware without user interaction.

Microsoft also recommends that users should enable the automatic update feature, to download the latest security and patch updates promptly. Currently, the latest Windows 10 update has fixed the above 4 security holes and prevent hackers from attacking your computer.