Saturday, August 24

US Secure 5G network verification with users

The U.S. Communications Commission (FCC) officials said that the 5G network is safe for users and does not need to change the emission level adjustment rules of radio waves to conform to this new telecommunications technology.

In parallel with that, Mr. Ajit Pai-President of the FCC has made proposals on minor changes in the way that this committee determines the safety threshold for radio waves. However, the FCC said these changes are only applicable so that it is more suitable for the type of telecommunications technology. Essentially, they are not more stringent constraints because the current FCC limits are being regarded as one of the “strictest of the world” standards, including the radio emission standards or emissions of the devices used 5G Network Wave.
There is still no convincing evidence that 5G radio waves pose a danger to humans, although they are using higher frequencies than 4G networks but are still part of the uncommon threshold of non-harmful waves to human DNA-non-ionic radiation Culture. Even higher frequency radiation used in 5G networks still produce less power than available light (visible to the eye).

According to TheVerge, FCC officials have said no indication that 5G waves are more harmful to humans than radio waves being used for 3G and 4G networks. Previously, the FCC has also approved the use of 5G network enabled devices, thereby implicitly acknowledges that this new type of telecommunications network is safe for humans before officially making announcements yesterday.
Earlier, some research by independent bodies also showed that the impact of 5G on the human body is negligible and lies in the threshold of safety.