Saturday, August 24

Why does HTC suffer from ‘ closing the mobile ‘ lid?

Simply, it can still bring the money to HTC. In addition, they wait for the 5G game before making an important decision.
The Galaxy Note10, iPhone 11, or Google Pixel 4 are the names that are most mentioned in recent days. This causes many people “forgot” to lose the existence of a brand named HTC, the manufacturer that ever leads in the smartphone industry.

Recent sources of leakage indicate that HTC was preparing to launch a medium-range device called the Desire 19 + in the European market. As such, Taiwanese mobile is actually still not “dead”.

Over the past few years, people have a lot about HTC’s “death”. The company continuously falls into a losing situation from this month to another month, to another quarter.

More than 1 year after the launch of the U12 +, there was no indication that it would have succeeded product. Things that make it hard for users to remember Taiwanese manufacturers are just some of the high-cost medium-range devices and the exotic, Exodus 1 smartphones.

The HTC is almost eliminated from the market with nothing new but people wonder why, the airline hasn’t left the mobile game yet. Sure, nobody believes that HTC is “conspiring” to steal the throne of the Apple, Samsung. What purpose did they survive in a way?

Waiting for 5G play
At the moment, 5G will change the face of the mobile industry sooner and later. Some analysts recognize that smartphones sold globally will grow back after the 5G network becomes popular and the actual download speeds proximity to the operator.

In fact, in 2018, HTC launched its first 5G device called the HTC 5G Hub. Although not a smartphone model, this device has helped HTC demonstrate to its partners that the company is fully ready with 5G technology.

The HTC 5G Hub is distributed exclusively in the US through Sprint’s home network. Last 7 months, this operator was officially merged into T-Mobile. With the availability of all 2 carriers, the HTC 5G Hub will be able to easily reach a large variety of customers.

In the past, HTC was a pioneering producer when it made the first 4G smartphones for the Sprint operator in 2010 and Verizon in 2011.

At present, the presence of the Taiwanese company in the mobile industry is no longer as strong as before. However, compared to many Chinese mobile carriers, HTC still has the advantage of not being limited to operations in the US market.

The past reputation is still “worth the money”
According to Counterpoint Research, HMD Global has sold 4.8 million registered Nokia smartphones worldwide in the World II/2019. The figure above is not really big, but it was a lot better than Nokia in 3 years ago.

The newly-restored Nokia has rapidly adapt to the current trend. The company released a wide range of devices running the pure Android platform, good specs, and reasonable price.

Not only get Nokia back from “dead”, HMD Global also brings back the company’s “brick-and-love” telephone line. This is also a good direction that HTC can navigate to.

After many failed projects and trials, between May 7, a news source from Russia said the Taiwanese company is preparing to launch a new smartphone of the Wildfire series.

This is considered a great idea from HTC when it can retouch the fans ‘ feelings with the company’s products. At the same time, it also won’t affect the current Desire line.

In addition, to succeed, they need to be affordable and run the original Google Android platform for the fastest software update support.

Even, the airline can also recover from the same QWERTY keyboard that BlackBerry used to do with its Android smartphones. It will be interesting if the carrier releases a new HTC Dream with a touch screen that combines a physical keyboard and runs the original Android operating system.

The market needs diversity
HTC launched its first Android smartphone in the world, which was also the first mobile carrier to make dual camera clusters on the phone. Currently, the company is betting all the blockchain technology with the Exodus line. However, success can hardly come in the near future and HTC now has no longer enough time as well as money to lengthen the game.

With the current business situation, HTC will need a safer approach. In 7/2019, HTC achieved US $14 million in revenue including the smartphone array and VR device. This number is equivalent to the revenue that the iPhone brings to Apple every hour in the II/2019 quarter.

Can see, HTC is no longer able to bear any additional risks. The simplest thing we can do is to license the brand to another company. In this way, the airline can continue to maintain the HTC brand and its relationship with key partners from the US.